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Discussion on: Is CS Degree important?

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Maniflames • Edited

I'm student who has done several internships & work as a webdev on the side. Please keep that perspective in mind while I'll give you my 2cents.

It is definitely possible to enter the webdev field without CS degree. I've met several devs without CS degree and I don't study CS myself (my major is very similar to CS though). I've heard from more experienced devs they did feel like they had to prove themselves a little more from time to time but that's it.

I've seen similar success stories online within data science, infosec & mobile app dev.

If you are considering any other field within software development (robotics, graphics, OS, lots more) I would look into getting a CS degree because entering those software fields professionally without one or something related to the job (engineering, math or physics for example) seems pretty hard.

I hope this kind of makes sense 😁

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Rishab Kumar Author

Thank you so much! I have some better insights now and will give it a thought!