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Time for focus

I usually post a heavily though out post on a random topic that interests me at the time. My last post was an exception and this one will be as well.

Lately I've been feeling as if I'm running out of time. Currently I'm in the last year of my bachelors but decided to do a 2-year masters because the creative dev industry seems on hold. Even though I'm most likely going to graduate this year I feel like I haven't 'achieved' a lot.

I know mostly web development and have created websites and web apps at a creative agency as something on the side. After actively looking for other types of development I noticed two interesting domains: embedded systems & computer graphics.

I've explored both but because of my split attention I haven't really had the chance to dive deep and learn/build in a way that can be shared. Because my interests are based on the low-level development aspect, keeping up a 'once-a-month' upload schedule on dev will be kind of hard to maintain.

For the past couple of days I've been watching Tae'lur Alexis' live-streams on twitch and asked how she navigates her learning process based on all of the interests that she has. Her answer boiled down to: 'I pick something and stick with it'. Even though it is a really common piece of advice, this was the first time I 'got it'.

It was really hard to pick between hardware and graphics for the three month dev exploration I want to do to dive deeper. I decided to flip a coin. Heads for graphics, tails for hardware. I got heads.

There are still a few things I have to figure out but I want to stick to graphics for a while and work from there. It'll be web based at first but I'm pretty sure that'll change too.

If you are one of the 5k people that follow me here on dev and got this far, thank you. Seriously. I hope my journey will at least be interesting to you in the future.

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