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WordPress Security: Vulnerabilities And How To Improve Security

All websites are not created equally. Any website can experience technical issues but with a WordPress website, you’re also leaving yourself exposed due to its vulnerable nature.

WordPress runs on open source code and has a team of dedicated engineers to identify and fix security issues that occur in the core source code. As soon as a security vulnerability is disclosed, a security patch is immediately pushed.

That’s why managing WordPress and keeping it updated to the latest version is incredibly essential to the overall security of your website.

WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

If you maintain a WordPress-powered website or do consider using WordPress as your CMS, you should be concerned about the possible WordPress security issues. Here, I’ll outline several common WordPress security vulnerabilities:

  • Unauthorized Logins

  • Cross-Site Scripting

  • SQL Injections

  • File Inclusion Exploits

  • Denial-of-Service Attacks

What Makes A WordPress Website Vulnerable

Some of the main reasons that make a WordPress website vulnerable include:

  • Weak passwords

  • Not frequently updating plugins and themes

  • Using plugins and themes from untrustworthy sources

  • Using poor-quality or shared hosting

How To Improve WordPress Website Security

You can keep your WordPress website secure and prevent data breach or loss by following certain security best practices. They are:

  • Having a strong password policy so that users need to provide longer and more secure passwords

  • Enabling two-factor authentication

  • Frequently updating WordPress core, themes and plugins

  • Implementing proper permissions for web server’s directory

  • Scheduling vulnerability and malware scans on a regular basis

  • Keeping a reliable and effective backup plan

  • Activating brute force protection

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