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Must Watch Javascript 2019 Tech Talks by awesome Women in Tech from 2019

Before 2019 ends I would like to take the opportunity to thank these awesome women in tech, Who according to me delivered amazing tech talks for this year.If you haven't yet watched them, do it before new year.

Also feel free to mention the amazing one's which you find interesting in the comments ♥️

Debugging the Debugger by Princiya Sequeira | React Rally 2019

This talk is the inception of debugging the Firefox devtools’ debugger which is built using React and Redux. All of us love to ‘console’ log our code, but there are other effective techniques that will help accelerate the debug loop cycle.

In this talk, Princiya will present the various available browser devtools debugging techniques using practical examples from the community to debug the development of the debugger project!

Exploring the hidden potential of sound data by Charlie Gerard | dotJS

Even though we don’t really think about it, sound is a very rich source of information. Leveraging the properties of sound with machine learning, we can gain insights about an environment or an activity performed. Acoustic activity recognition has the potential to create new interactions and better smart systems, and in this talk, Charlie explores how to experiment with this technology in JavaScript, using the Web audio API and Tensorflow.js.

The Future of Web Animation - Sarah Drasner | JSHeroes 2019

In this talk, you'll start learning some bleeding edge techniques such as native-like page transitions with client side rendering, but then we'll push it further. The intersection of health and animation with biofeedback sensors, the future of 3d in the browser complete with interviews with people who are writing these specs .This talk will show that in terms of animation on the web, we're just getting started.

Tink: A Next-Generation Package Manager by Kat Marchán | JSConf EU

With nearly 1,000,000 packages, the npm ecosystem is the largest out there, by far – but the ecosystem and its package manager were created in more humble times, for small projects and packages centered around the Node.js ecosystem itself. It’s about time we redefined package management for modern web development, and that redefinition is tink: a package unwinder for JavaScript brought to you by npm itself. With tink, you’ll find unprecedented speeds, deep compatibility with everything from Node.js to bundlers, and a UX workflow optimized for the modern web developer.

Building The New Facebook With React and Relay by Ashley Watkins | React Conf

Ashley discusses some of the technologies and strategies powering FB5, the new Topics covered include Facebook's approach to CSS-in-JS, data-driven dependencies, phased code downloading, and more.

API Modernization: Building Bridges As You Cross Them by Shelley Vohr | JSConf Budapest 2019

In this talk you will learn updates ranging from asynchronous JS to idiomatic getters and setters, as well as allowing developers to access new platform-dependent functionalities. Our APIs can and often are implemented across two or more languages on their way to the end user, and so we'll walk through some examples of how to effectively gather context and write reusable code to make updating simpler.

Work Less and Do More: Google Sheets for Node.js Developers - Franziska Hinkelmann and Anu Srivastav

In this talk you will see how you can string together your emails, docs, charts, all of it—into one gorgeous report, ready to email off. You can combine all your data— from GitHub metrics, monitoring data, to surveys — with this wide-ranging platform that involves “human” tools, such as a Calendar and Contacts. Thanks to a helpful client library, Node.js is the glue that you can use to code up all the business work, so that you can get back to the business of coding.

The Front-End Stands Alone by Keerthana Krishnan | JS Kongress 2019

With the advent of serverless architecture, front-end developers can now easily build and deploy their applications without a lot of overheads.
This session aims to look at how to build a basic web application with serverless architecture and why it’s becoming more popular.

Accessibility in the Age of Components by Ayesha Mazumdar | React Boston 2019

We often build component libraries to improve consistency, collaboration, and customization for a given product. But what if a component library could also scale accessibility across the entire organization? Building accessible components can help distribute responsibility across all of design and engineering, without needing everyone to be an expert on the nitty-gritty details. In this session, we'll go through specific component examples and use cases to help you and your team contribute to a better, more inclusive web.

A Journey to the Center of a Slow React App by Pavithra Kodmad | React India 2019

What are the major factors that slow down a web application written in React? Can we mitigate them? If so, what are the tradeoffs. Pavitra will be speaking about perf improvements we made in our large application. From state management to measuring correctly to dealing with legacy frontend, this talk will cover a variety of reasons why things got slow. And how to deal with it.

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