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How to Backup Mac Mail to iCloud on macOS

Apple mail is a default email application introduced with every Mac using OS X 10.0 or later versions. It is the most preferred choice for every user. Also, there are a few different purposes behind using this customer, because of its information adaptability and simple-to-utilize interface, with excellent components.

In this post, you will learn the detailed process of migrating Apple mails to iCloud. But if you are looking for an instant solution to backup Mac mail, use MacSonik MBOX Converter to save your Apple mailboxes.

On the other hand, iCloud mail can be accessed from any device. The section below will guide you with the reasons for transferring Apple mail to iCloud and the best way to migrate them. 

Reasons to Backup Mac Mail Emails

There are several instances due to which users want Mac mail backup and restore to the iCloud. The below-listed points are the reasons to migrate Apple Mail to iCloud Mail.

  • Due to multiple virus attacks, users worry about their data loss.
  • In case of accidental deletion, taking a backup to iCloud helps to restore emails.
  • To access all emails in both email clients.
  • Privacy and security offered by iCloud are more as compared to Apple mail.

The above-listed points are the reasons that the users insist on Apple mail backup or backup Mac mail to hard drive. Now, proceed further to know the detailed process of migration.

How to Backup Mac Mail to iCloud Account?

To backup Mac mail to iCloud, firstly, you need to extract all the Apple mail in MBOX file format and then migrate that file into iCloud mail. In the below section, we have divided the process into two parts to understand the process of migration.

Extract an MBOX File from Apple Mail

In this part, you have to export or copy your Apple mails in the MBOX file format to transfer them to the iCloud effortlessly. Follow the listed below step carefully.

  • Launch Apple Mail on your Mac system by entering your Apple mail credentials.
  • Choose the Mailbox item (inbox, sent, draft, trash, etc.) that you want to extract as an MBOX file.
  • Now, Navigate the Menu bar and select Export Mailbox from the Mailbox menu.
  • In the end, Choose the Desired Path, and hit the Choose button.

Here your Apple mails are successfully extracted in the MBOX file format. Now, migrate that file to iCloud using the professional technique because there is no manual way to transfer Apple mail to iCloud Mail.

Automated Approach to Backup Mac Mail to iCloud

Using professional solutions like MBOX Converter for Mac is the most trusted and automated approach to convert MBOX files into different file formats such as PDF, PST, CSV, EML, and many more. It also imports MBOX files to iCloud, Outlook, IMAP, Live Exchange, etc., on macOS. Also, users can convert their MBOX files in bulk.


Although Apple mail and iCloud both provide the best email services, there are some instances where users want to backup Mac mail to the iCloud. In the above post, we have described the manual way to extract Apple mails to MBOX files and the professional way to migrate that MBOX file to iCloud. However, there is no direct way to transfer Apple mails to iCloud directly. You need to use these methods to import emails & contacts into iCloud. Thank you for reading this post. I hope you like it.

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