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Learn Hacking as Noob

"how to hack facebook account". That was a query that i type in the Google Search. After press enter, i open one of the million results. "You need to clone this and that repos, install many proggraming languages, and more things ..." said that article. Ah, this is too complicated. But, for hacking my friend's Facebook account, i must do this.

After learn computer programming for a few years, I realized that I had been duped by the article. The script is only filled with colored print and input.

At this post, i will teach you how to not be a hacker based on my experience. Enjoy!

Install Termux.

What we all need to hack something is Termux. You can hack anything, Google, Facebook, and even, NASA!

Install many repos, proggramming languages, tools, and wordlist.

You need 10GB wordlists, hundreds tools, and many proggramming languages, for do a hack. Does not matter how much storage is used.

Run all command that you get from internet, without checking.

Always trust anything that you get from internet. They are professional proggrammer, hacker, and system administrator.

Hack your friend's social media accounts

As the hacker, you must hack your friend's account. The best method is bruteforce, even if it takes millions of years.

Copy script from internet, and add your name on it

Why we don't do this? This is not a crime. People who call us "script kiddies" 'cuz they are so jealous to us.

Prank your friends and family with Window Virus

You can make a simple script that can remove the C:// directory, and mask the script like browser, so, when they access the "browser", they will erase theor C:// directory, and destroy their PC, with their important works. Funny, right?

Install Kali Linux on all your PC

Kali Linux is best Linux disto in the world. It can hack anything, and all hackers use this. So, we need to use this Kali Linux, even though we don't know how to do simple tasks in this distro, like connecting to a network.

Thats all.

Thanks for reading, and Bye!

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