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Hi! My wife just asked what I am smiling at. It's amazing how I have identified mysel while reading the "struggled" and "not fulfilling" words from this post.

I'm implementing this morning routine planning into my life right now. I used to wake up at 5am already but have had a hard time trying to put a good and productive set of habits onto it. E-mail and WhatsApp used to bug me, but no more. Then it was Twitter.

Now I'm training to wake up earlier and get used to 4:30am. Wake up, bathroom and breakfast until 5am. Then, one hour and a half of full concentration work! I'm very excited to try it tomorrow morning! I'm planning a Udemy course I'll offer (Algorithms and Data Structures, in brazilian Portuguese) and it seems early mornings are a perfect time for recording!

Thank you, Patrick for the inspiring post and for the book recommendation (just bought it).


Hey Marcelo,

Thanks for your reply. This, in turn, put a smile on my face. ;)

How does your "new" routine work so far?

And good luck with the Udemy course. If you need any help with that, feel free to ask. I also published some courses on Udemy (here's my profile).

Take care,


Hi, Patrick!

I've been kind of successful with my morning routine. Following the Miracle Morning advice, I'm still experimenting with different schedules, trying to find the best match to my daughter's school time, which tasks give best results and so on...

For 3 days a week I have spare 90 minutes between 5pm and 7pm when I do a role "alt-tab" from developer to professor. I'm currently testing if this could be a better time for watching code along Udemy classes (I'm learning React right now). Early mornings seem to benefit my programming side projects more, although I get a little upset when the time slot runs out (that is why I hate Pomodoros, they interrupt the flow state).

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