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Figuring out what to do next...

Lengthy Introduction

Hi, how are you? My name is Marco, I'm a professional Software Engineer (fancy term for developer, although in my opinion broader than front-end, back-end, and company), and I'll start using this place here to share some thoughts on my career, and development in general.

I want to make this an entertaining "blog" (until I build, and maintain a site of my own), and I want to start writing about some new things on the horizon, as well as spitting out any dissatisfaction I have along the way.

This post was written by the sound of:

I want to start fresh, so I'll start by picking up a new language, and a new project. But how do I do this? How can one start something new? We are so used to doing things over and over again, but never stop to wonder how to start a new path, or walk a new road. Specially now with quarantine upon us, we are getting used to be on our "bubble", introspective, and in a comfort zone, which sometimes can be nice, but right now, I'm willing to break.

There are a couple of things that helps me to figure out what to do next, and I'll go through each of them:

  • What do I like to do, or at lest, think I like to do?
  • What is required of me to get there?
  • Where do I start?
  • How can I keep up with my progress?

We are not making any big decisions for any multi-billionaire company. Not even close, this is plain and simple a personal decision of what do study and diverge my attention with for a couple of months or years, so I'll not take too much time with decision making processes for now, although later on, as the projects grow bigger, I may think about studying some of it.

What have I decided?

I've always been in love with math, and specially, simulations. For the past couple of years I've watched baffled videos from people like those folks below:

From the list above, Sebastian Lague was the most influential for this project I've decided to work on. This guy makes the though process of simulations so delightful to watch, that it sparked my desire to build my knowledge to a point where I can think of a scenario, and then make it live inside a computer.

Also, you may have realized that there is a broad spectrum of topics in those channels, and those are not all of the ones I'm very interested in, but we need a language that may fit in those interests. I wanted something challenging, but that allow me to build projects based on all of the above.

I've then decided to go with C++, as this is a language based in C, which gives us the flexibility to work on low-level implementations from circuit-boards, all the way up to some high-level usage in Unity Engine, and being such a flexible language, it may be possible to work my way into other subjects such as music, or art, or whatever...

In the next chapter of this little adventure, I'll start working in a project, to build up my C++ skills. See you there.

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