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This will be my first ever post in dev.to and last post in 2019. Happy new year's everyone.


My career started great in 2019 I moved to a higher paying job, better bosses and found a mentor. It gave me an opportunity to pick up a new skill in GraphQL(Which i really enjoyed learning) and also be able to share and collaborate with people who are experts in front end and backend development. I have learned a lot this year not only in development but also personally.


This year my personal growth has been great. I created my own portfolio websites and other side projects. I am currently on a daily routine that increased my happiness. Travelled to new places which I rarely do.


2019 is also the year that I have resumed my freelance work. I worked on a chat app for conventions. This project gave me a lot of new learnings about collaboration and entering an existing codebase that has no structure at all.

Investments and Savings

This would be the proudest and happiest thing that happened to me. For 2 years of working I had no savings. i was excited to spend my salary on things that i have never gotten as a child. But this year not only i have savings. I also have emergency funds and investments.(woo hoo)


2019 is the best year of my life and hoping in 2020 I continue this and go back here to post my 2020 review

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