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A stupid experiment (47 lines) to add declarative functionalities to jQuery

Play here


npm install^C
  • simply open index.html in the browser.

How it works

  • Create a state
    const State2 = $.createState({
        title: "asd",
        counter: "0"
  • Create a template, use data-bind instead of {this.state.variable}
    <div id="test1">
        <h1 data-bind="title"></h1>
        <h1 data-bind="counter"></h1>
        <button onclick="State2.counter++">Increment</button>
        <input data-bind="title">
  • Connect the state with the template
  • Play with the state and watch the template update automagically 🧙
    State2.title = "ciao"


It's late and I randomly though about it, I realized that it wasn't so hard to do, so I did it.

How it really works?

The state is handled by javascript's getters/setters. As you can see in the example above, I'm using the data attribute to keep the text value of the doms with the getter. Each time the setter is called, I search for all the elements that are binding with the updated state using jquery's $('[data-state="..."]'), and I update them with the state getter.

Would it be cool to build the same thing but without jQuery, same idea but with plain JS?

You have to tell me!

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Sung M. Kim

Was expecting a React library but still cool stuff~