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Nothing new here:

I started getting into tech initially because I wanted to apply knowledge from natural science domains to computer science oriented ones.

I began to code because I wanted to prove that I can build something that ideally could be useful to people. I started working in academia and had a - bit more than a - decade experience in research.

Now, It's been 2 yrs since I switched to industry and haven't regretted my decision. Very tough at first, learning and training from scratch, but so rewarding and satisfying!

I am astonished by the gender inequality that still exists in the tech industry in 2018. On the other hand, I am positively surprised that the world is changing and more companies/organisations include skilled people, regardless of their gender.

My hope is in the near future, I'll be yet another (good) developer who just happens to be a woman.

My advice for young girls who want to be part of the tech world, is just go for it!


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