Hands-on Vue.js for Beginners (Part 1)

Marina Mosti on January 28, 2019

Learning a new framework can be a very daunting process for any developer, especially for one that is still learning the base language (in this cas... [Read Full]
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Great intro! Vue seems like a great first framework to learn.


Thanks Andy! Stay tuned for next part, will look at responding to events and methods :)


Thanks for the tutorial. Distilling a topic to its essence is a great way to learn a subject. Even understanding what is happening once it is deployed to production is important: KISS. I'm still learning Vue but part of the strength of Vue seems to be its simplicity, i.e. do one thing and do it well.


Lovely intro..i'm waiting for the part 2. But i love the cli approach.But this is great for beginners.. Thumbs up!!


Hey Jonathan, thanks. Yeah CLI is a great tool, and it will show up sometime in the series but it's a big overwhelming for beginners. Keep tuned for more :)


Great, finally a framework tutorial without all that node/npm/webpack mess. Thanks a lot!


Oh, we'll get to that in due time, but not nose first. It can be very daunting! :D


nice intro.
In how many parts this tutorial would be ?


So far four and counting, and i dont have a set number in mind. I will keep going as long as it makes sense to, i dont want to break the natural flow by restricting this in advanced ;)


Okay nice to hear that. I will keep following it for better understanding of it. But i needed a crash course on vue if possible can you provide any ?


I'm a bit late but the intro is cool I think it's going to be a great beginners guide for me


Hey Marina, can't wait for you to do some single page apps with Vue js😉


Very easy to follow! I am totally new to web development. Thanks a lot..:)


Glad you're enjoying the series Pravin. Thanks for reading!


I just started learning VueJS. I find that VueJS's conventions are a mix of Angular and ReactJS concepts.


Awesome! I think I liked a lot Vue. I know a little of it but I feel that you explain part after part and that makes it very easy and enjoyable.

Please, keep posting!


Thanks Manuel, this series has 7 parts make sure you look for the next ones :)


Iam a newbie to Vue. And this intro helped. ThanKU. In to part2 now ...


I don't think commenting on profile pics, either complimentary or not, is helpful. At all. Please refrain.


I apologize, sometimes I don't give enough thought to how what I say might be perceived.


Are you serious? This is totally inappropriate. Women can code no matter how they look.


I agree and apologize if my comment seemed to convey anything else. My intent was to speak to professionalism, that obvious fell flat. Please excuse my poor choice of words, and momentary lapse of professionalism.

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