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Great post, I just have one note: for what regards the Decorator example, you're using extension methods, which is a very desirable feature of Kotlin and other languages like C#. That's nice, but the point of the corresponding example in my Java 8 implementation was a bit different and probably more fundamental. The Decorator pattern as demonstrated in GoF is just a very convoluted way to achieve functions composition. Using functions composition, which is not a specific language feature, but a corner stone of functional programming, and then available in any language with a minimal functional support including Java 8, you can achieve the same result in a more elegant way. Conversely what you did is reimplementing the Decorator pattern literally and in its original form, only in a more concise way using Kotlin's better expressiveness. Both solutions are valid, but still I believe that the one using function composition is more functional-ish, general and possibly even easier to read and to implement.


My library (funKTionale) implements function composition for Kotlin (among other goodies) github.com/MarioAriasC/funKTionale...

Currently working on a blog post series covering many features


Really looking forward to your posts!

Here it is, if anyone is interested and drops by:


its hard to read infix fun in this case


Hey Mario, first of all: thanks for your kind words!
It's definitely true that function composition would be the better solution here. I used extensions because it's "pure" Kotlin. I didn't want to copy your examples and solutions, either. Thought that would be boring :-)

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