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Why Video Marketing Is Crucial For Your eCommerce

Today, videos are all around the internet, and the whole industry is gaining momentum. In this article, we’ll give you solid reasons why you should invest in video production for your eCommerce business.

Many people think that video marketing is way too costly for their businesses. They believe that making videos and advertising them is a waste of money and time as well.

Although video marketing is not a new concept, it does require some explanation. Leading digital specialists claim that using a video in a marketing campaign is not easy, but it brings great rewards.

According to statistics, regarding the audience view, 96% of consumers watch videos to learn more about a product or service. From a business point of view, 87% of content marketers say video, in general, gives them a good return on their investment.

What is video marketing?

The term refers to any video used for marketing purposes to promote a particular business or product. Through video materials and robust video advertising solutions, you can effectively communicate the company's identity, the benefits of the product, and the overall vision.

Types of marketing videos

Nowadays, there is hardly any business that does not benefit from video marketing. No matter what you produce or create, be it a French pastry or online coding course that you’re trying to sell, you might need the following types of videos to present and promote your product.

Explainer video

An explainer video is a short, informative video that is made to describe what the company or brand does or how the product works. It emphasizes the viewer's problems and discusses how a product or service may be used to solve them. In most cases, these are animated videos with a voiceover, but a simple version in which a person talks to the camera is also workable.

Product demo video

This type of video is a great way to show what the key features of your product or service are, how it works, and how your customers can benefit from it.
Launch video

Another effective approach to increase sales through video marketing is to create a launch video.
You can host an online event or a conference, and then share the recorded video across Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram IGTV (depending on where your audience is) as a debut video.


Tutorial videos are step-by-step explanations of a process, instructions for doing something or learning materials, usually animated.

Brand videos

This type of video aims to highlight the company's values and strong points. However, when creating one, you should avoid directly advertising your brand.


Any brand or company can use commercial videos to promote its product and services. Commercials are used not only on TV but mostly for multiple platforms as campaigns and as advertisement material.

Overall, the options mentioned above are the most popular video ideas to incorporate on your eCommerce website.

Reasons why you should use video marketing

  1. SEO Boost

Search engines love video content.

According to statistics, pages that include videos are 54 times more likely to appear in search results than those that don’t.

Videos boost the ranking of your website, allowing more people to view it. As a result, you organically attract visitors to your website or page.

Besides, when we speak of search engines, we frequently refer to Google or other big corporations. However, recent data has shown that YouTube has the second largest search engine behind Google. Thus, if you want the SEO of your eCommerce website to boost, you should not ignore YouTube.

  1. Social media loves video content, too.

Social media is doing an excellent job of promoting video content. They are aware of what the future holds.

If you post on Instagram or Facebook, you will notice that video posts gain much more reach than usual. Because videos are easy to share, it makes them a highly engaging format.

  1. Engagement

Video now engages people more than any written content. Firstly, you can visually demonstrate the product from all sides in the video, quickly convincing the buyer that this is the right product for them. As a result, presenting the benefits of your product or service with a video is much easier and more vivid.

Secondly, video content helps you build a much stronger connection and trust between the company or the brand and the client.

Thus, if you want to accelerate the engagement of your eCommerce website or social media and lower bounce rates, then including video content is a must. People enjoy watching short videos that are both informative and entertaining, and they will stay there for long.

  1. Videos are multifunctional

Another reason why videos are so attractive to advertisers is their flexibility and ability to connect and communicate with a worldwide audience via many apps and social media platforms.

Once filmed, you can use a video in different social networks, ad campaigns, send it to a mailing list, and even include it in commercial offers. By investing in at least one video clip and posting it on a platform that is key for you, you can share it via other media too.

  1. Video content has a longer shelf life

People tend to watch and rewatch videos. Especially if they're helpful. They will look for practical, original, and unique content. If they're problem-solving or satisfying, people will be able to find and rewatch them whenever needed. Unlike photo or graphic content that is currently quickly becoming buried in a sea of similar visual information, the effectiveness of video may last for years.


Thus, video marketing has many benefits. First of all, it creates a new channel for gaining visitors and customers. Secondly, you raise awareness of your products or service among your target market and may build your brand in a very short period of time. And, finally, investing in video production establishes trust with your buyers faster if you communicate with them through video.

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