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Hi! My name is Marlyn. 😄 I wanted to know, how can HaperDB be useful for someone like me who's is entirely new to coding and is still in the learning part of her journey? I am currently learning SQL & Python. Thanks! 😄


Hi Marlyn, welcome to coding! 👩‍💻 If you're learning SQL and Python you're more than qualified to start using HarperDB. I'd argue that HarperDB is the easiest way to get started with a database. If you prefer videos, check out our getting started YouTube playlist. We have the HarperDB Studio, an easy to use interface that allows you to spin up a free HarperDB Cloud database, create schemas and tables, and insert and update data all with no code! Plus it has a SQL query window where you can run your queries directly from the browser. When you're ready to start coding with HarperDB, be sure to check out our Python SDK or use our code sample generator that builds the code for you!

HarperDB Example Code
HarperDB Instance Example Code

If you have any other questions, please let us know! We're around here all the time! 😃


oooooo- thanks! 😄 Super helpful, can't wait to check it out!! 😄

Yay! We can't wait to see what you think. If you need any inspiration, you can explore the different projects other devs created using HarperDB from our June Hackathon!

Also, one resource I think would help in addition to what Jake shared is our community Slack channel where you can interact with other devs using HarperDB along with the HarperDB team :) Don't forget to use the CODELAND coupon if you want to try out our paid tiers (we have a free forever tier too!)

Hey Marlyn! Hope you have a great experience with HDBCloud! If you have any questions or feedback on how we can make the Studio easier to use for beginners, I hope you will reach out and let us know!

@KaylanStock Thank you so much for the support and suggestion~ 😃 I greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate it and am really looking forward to using the platform to help me grow as a coder.

@ Sam J Definitely! Will do. What's the best way I can reach out to you? Email, twitter? Thanks again! 😃

Hey Marlyn! Feel free to shoot me an email at sam@harperdb.io or through our main inquiry email hello@harperdb.io! Happy coding!

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