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I was blown away by WSL -- really the best of both worlds.

But developing on Linux or Mac is still a much better experience -- things "just work" at a much higher rate. Way less config/compatibility issues.

AFAIK Docker still doesn't play nice with WSL.

Running your GUI development tools on one OS and running the code on another can cause some issues you just don't have to deal with on Linux/OSX


I've been using the Docker CLI through WSL for about a year now and it's rock solid. You can easily configure it to interface with Docker for Windows and volumes just work out of the box after configuring your /etc/wsl.conf.

From your POV, it feels like you're running Docker directly from WSL. Things are really fast too. No problem at all compiling tons of CSS / JS through Webpack, or running large Rails, Flask or Phoenix applications with volumes.

I detailed all of that at:

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