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No analysis yet, but if anyone wants a quick and dirty visualization of the data, I threw this together this morning:

MartyHimmel / DEV-state-of-the-web-2018 "State of the Web" survey results

A quick and dirty visualization of the results from's "State of the Web" survey.

The surveyresults.csv file has the original data from the Call for Analysis post.

results.json includes a cleaned up version to make it easier to use with Google Charts. Answers of "(blank)" and "" were removed and duplicate questions (multiple choice questions - the results were stored in multiple columns in the CSV) were merged. The parser script handles most of it, with the exception of merging the questions and their respective answer arrays.


I think that bar charts are better for "rating" questions like "Building for the web is becoming easier over time"


I fully agree. That's why I added the "quick and dirty visualization" note. :)

I haven't spent much time on it yet. Basically parsed the data to a JSON file, fed the data into a loop, and called it good for a quick view. A few of the labels need some work, too (like 0/1 for true/false or yes/no).

I'll get around to better formatting/styling at some point, but it's low priority right now. I just wanted to get something out there for anyone wanting to visualize the results.

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