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I really like that idea! It would be awesome to visit a tag and see a list of "online and available experts" - as in people who set their status to active (maybe with a rough estimation of how long they are available). And have demonstrated in a defined way that they know what they are talking about, or at least some rating or indication of their knowledge status - too many self-proclaimed 1337-pro-haX0rs in the world ;)

And of course, as someone who knows a thing or two, one could put a laptop next to one's couch and see if someone connects while watching TV in the evening.


Yeah. I once did a doctor's appointment via my phone and got a prescription within about 15 minutes of noticing a possible infection on my foot. It was pretty remarkable. The doctor was in a cab or something but was able to authorize the medicine based on our conversation.

It was a wonderful experience and platforms have the potential to make it pretty seamless.

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