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Matheus Farias de Oliveira Matsumoto
Matheus Farias de Oliveira Matsumoto

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Apache AGE : What it is and Tutorials

Hello everyone! I have been an intern for four months at Bitnine Global Inc. and I've been using PostgreSQL and a very interesting extension called Apache AGE. AGE is an acronym for A Graph Extension and is inspired by Bitnine's AgensGraph, a multi-model database fork of PostgreSQL. The basic principle of AGE is to create a single storage that handles both the relational and graph data model so that the users can use the standard ANSI SQL along with openCypher, one of the most popular graph query languages today.

Why use a graph database? Graph databases are the future of data storage, allowing a more intuitive representation of data, resulting also in a less computer intensive process.

Is rare for relational databases to provide expressivity to suitably describe the most use cases. And looking at many tables at the same time will quickly degrade performance.

When using graphs it is possible to consider everything as a whole, giving a simultaneous view of all the data with the adequate context. Also, the structure of a graph allows for more computationally intensive analysis and enables this at fast speed.

Here's an example of what is possible to do with Apache AGE

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Here are some tutorials I made for Apache AGE:

Checkout AGE's official website :
And the Github repo :

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