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C / C++ or new programming languages?

Many people who enter the world of programming, after a while, reach this big dilemma
But why does this question arise in most programmers :
Should I choose C / C++, or other programming languages?
Most programmers like to code with C and C++, because these languages are known as the first modern programming languages, and most of the big successful projects are coded in C or C++
On the other hand, new programming languages are very simple, have useful, functional and powerful libraries and frameworks, and they can also be easily compiled and run!

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But which one should we choose in the end?

That's the problem!
C and C++ are the basic languages and you can do almost anything with these two languages, but it's hard and difficult!
New programming languages, including Python and Go, were written in C, but are now one of the best programming languages available today, with many libraries and frameworks available to them.

Let's compare more carefully!

You can also create the best website in the world by using the Django framework in Python! Or even with the Go programming language you can do the same and create the best website in the world

But now you can do this with C or C ++?
I'm not saying it is impossible, but you can't do it easily :)
Because no one has ever done that, No company has ever used C / C++ for create a website!
And for this reason, if you decide to build a website using C or C++, you can! But if you have a problem or need to get some parts of your site ready, unfortunately you will not find a resource on the Internet :) because no one has ever done what you did
But on the other hand, it's good

Challenge yourself!

By doing this, you are actually challenging yourself to solve the errors and problems that you encounter in this way, so if you can solve these problems without the Internet (which are so many problems and not everyone can solve them) You are a great programmer!
Rest assured that no one can solve your problem, because they don't know the logic of your code as well or your coding method, and even if you ask your question on sites like stackoverflow or other forums, you will not get the answer!

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C++ is harder, older and faster than newer languages.
Most new languages are usually written in C, but they are very powerful and, of course, easier.
In C, C++, anything is possible, but difficult! If you want to challenge yourself, you can use these two powerful languages. These two languages are also the fastest programming languages, as they are compiled directly into binary.
For example, Python or Go are written in C, so your code is first compiled from (Python, Go, or other languages) into C, and then C into binary. So the speed of these languages is a very small percentage, slower than C and C++.
A programmer who works more with the C and C++ language becomes more accustomed to it, and it becomes easier for him/her to learn new languages and solve problems in other languages. If you want to code modern and classic, you can choose C or C++. But if you want to use new technologies and don't take programming too hard and do not get involved with problems such as the old compiler, etc., you can choose new programming languages and code with them

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wow that's a great and complete explanation