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re: so you will never be caught by your Linux distro not compiling it in. That's a solvable problem...

Not really. What if you have to use a specific distro on a server due to client requirements? Happened to me this year.

I never had the problem of having to use Linux (or even one special Linux) for anything - but I doubt that the client disapproves having a compiler installed.

(Chances are that the "huge Vim" of the specific distro has terminal support anyway.)

It probably does in most cases, but because Neovim doesn't require stuff like that to be specifically enabled, you can guarantee it's there.

Ultimately the presence of Neovim is undoubtedly a good thing. It provides an alternative to Vim that's extremely easy to migrate to seamlessly. Also, the mere fact that it exists has spurred development along similar lines - Vim has been adding features that were pioneered by Neovim, so even if you stick with Vim you'll see some benefit.

I've also yet to do anything in vim where I thought, "I wish this terminal I'm using was inside my text editor"

I'm told the typical use case is a REPL, which makes sense to me, but haven't had the occasion to try it

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