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Matthias 🤖
Matthias 🤖

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True story...

Kubernetes is hard and definitely not for everyone.
Even managed Kubernetes environments (e.g. Google Kubernetes Engine, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service or DigitalOcean Kubernetes) don't make it easier to handle.

Anyway, KubeCon San Diego starts next weeks! I hope anyone who's attending will have a great time!

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Joël Harkes

It's fixes lots of stuff you don't want to be busy with as a software developer and you really don't need to hire an extra person for doing that shit.

Kubernetes is what docker is to software but than for deployment.

Kubernetes is the simplest form of OS that contains all you need to host software (and fixes most everday problems in this field).

And more like this.

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Aashir Khan

Everyone is trying to explain Kubernetes somehow. I also tried to explain Codewall