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Fun and random GitHub projects - A directory

Have you seen any cool projects on GitHub that aren't going to change the world, but add just a bit of joy to our lives?

Note: This post will be continually updated as I find more cool projects!


Table of Contents:



Not much of an intro this time - skip to the projects below! 👇🏼

Tamagotchi Temp

I was on GitHub after committing some changes to my repos when I stumbled across a 2000's gem 💎: Tamagotchi.

A tamagotchi-like sprite in MacOS Pro’s interactive toolbar

This was too cute to not immediately fork!

You can feed it, pick up poo, and keep it happy by playing with it. Yes, it's a total throwback to the 2000s.


Similar to tamagotchiTemp, but you can customize a code editor pet! Choose between a cat, dog, duck, snake, or Clippy. Interact with it by throwing a ball and playing with it!

User cursor interacting with cat sprite in code editor


Feel free to enlighten me and others on cool projects you've found ☺️ Let me know in the comments below, follow, or chat!

P.S. I heard there's a GitHub project that makes fart sounds where you cursor moves!

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