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Discussion on: Announcing the Twilio Hackathon on DEV

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Mauricio Jaramillo • Edited

Hi Dominik, Phil, Megan and team

We want to participate on the hackathon (as a team) and have some questions, please:

1- We are finishing a development to aid on COVID-19 emergency in Colombia; an application developed with node.js/Express and SQLServer (DB dependant); the app is all in spanish.
/Question: is this project elegible for the prize? (we may document this on English, but we can not translate the app).

2- The app is intended to join the people finding help with those who wants to help, free of charge and without subscriptions needed. The app has 2 stages: A) front-stage: For final users who find help or wants to help; they login into the system with Cel number and then receives in WhatsApp a code as a password to complete the authentication process, (the code is sent using Twilio Api); after that the user may post requests for help (categorized) and/or may post to help (categorized too); all the matches between people is informed to the parts via Twilio WhatsApp Api. B) back-stage: For administrative users; they login in to the system on a different url, need pre-created user and password, and need to be on the right ROLE (app role); they manage categories, keep the DB info valid (post-moderated info) and on high quality and give support to final users.
/Question: is this project elegible for the prize? all of our code is open but we can not share it for free as a whole; we have no problem with people reading and using our code fragments, but not as a whole.

3- Since the app is DB dependant it can not be run in a server-less env or without a SQL-Server with their respective dbs.
/Question: How can we post or publish this kind of couple of components (code and dbs)?

4- The app will be deployed to AWS services this weekend for testing and demo purposes.
/Question: this testing env is enough for the hackathon?

Thanks in advance and regards.
Mauricio Jaramillo from Colombia

PD: nice API, nice service, waiting for alpha release.

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Corey (he/him)

What's up Mauricio. Your project sounds pretty amazing. Let me tackle each question at a time and hopefully this helps.

  1. This should be fine so long as you can document it in accordance with the hackathon rules (i.e. making sure that your README has clear setup instructions to run the project locally).

  2. If I'm understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you won't be able to share all of your project's source code. If the source code you open source fully complies with the hackathon's rules (listed here) then it will apply.

  3. Your project submission does need to be a self contained demo. So if that demo requires the use of a database, can work with a portable DB (i.e. SQLLite) or something of the equivalent, and includes scripts to deploy the database tables, stored procedures, etc, then that would be a valid submission.

  4. There are no explicit rules requiring the use of a specific test environment for the hackathon. So long as your final submission is testable (and can be verified), this should be ok.

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Mauricio Jaramillo

Hi Corey

Thanks a lot for the info, very clear for us. We will be "running".

Have a nice day.

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Mauricio Jaramillo

Hi Corey

I just posted our project to hackathon, i hope it will be elegible.

Not so much secure, our fist post to DEV.

Best regards.