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2020 goals

I would like to focus my energy on the following areas and goals.


  • Help them with their goals.
  • Plan one or two trips together.


  • Read between 16 and 20 books and share the important points.
  • Evaluate the possibility to do a PhD in NeuroScience.
  • Help new guys to start their careers as developers.
  • Be prepare to be a TedX speaker.
  • Find a mentor.


  • Try to do sports three times a week.
  • Adopt a vegetarian diet and test the benefits.
  • Try to eat consciously.
  • Try to not be over-obsessed with work.


  • Continue with yoga classes. Try to find a guru.
  • Continue with meditation. Try to do a spiritual retirement.
  • Share the benefits of yoga and meditation.


  • Discover new places and cultures.
  • Try to travel once a month.


  • Increment blogging activities. It would be great to write one article per month.

It's really good to have an idea of the goals you wanna achieve. There is an inner presence that takes care of your year's goal.

I would like you guys to try to plan your year. Then, let the time do the magic. Once the year is ready to finish, check the progress and you will see the magic.

If you wanna try the technique, please let me know! It would be great to know more about you and your goals :)

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