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Discussion on: Pattern matching in JavaScript

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Massimo Artizzu Author

Yes indeed! The point is that we have to be careful about this technique because those aren't branches and are eagerly executed.

Wrapping it in a function solves the problem but it's not something we do with if statements, for example 😄

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Patrick Charles-Lundaahl

Not sure about performance, but you can swap the immediate invocation for a bind. Eg:

const ACTIONS = {
  save: action => saveThing.bind(this, action.payload),
  load: action => loadThing.bind(this,,
  delete: action => deleteThing.bind(this,

This way none of your functions get invoked except the one that you explicitly match.

You would probably want to throw a guard condition in there so you don't try to invoke undefined, but this would be my standard approach for anything that needs a dynamic list of functions that have external dependencies.

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