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Web Application Development Cost: Your Ultimate Guide to Web App Budget [2018]

Maxim Churilov
Middle Web Developer with 7 year experience. Back-end and front-end development. Slicing, work with DB and business logic.
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Hundreds of web applications are created each month. The question is no longer whether a company needs a web application or not, but what is the price for building an application to fit company’s budget and meet business needs.

If you look up the Internet for how much a web application costs you won’t find a clear answer. Everybody wishes it could be that simple – to receive a split-second estimate and time-frames – but it’s not.

Let’s draw an analogy.

Imagine you come to a building company with a question: “What is the price of building a house?”. I believe most will agree that the price depends on a great number of factors as in, the type of the house, number of rooms, total floor area, exterior and interior finish, architectural plan, permissions, access to the piece of land, number of employees, their expertise … basically, a good many details.

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Maybe it will be useful to share actual information about web app development cost. I would like to note that prices may differ from company to company. This is mainly due to different hour rate.