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Developer Marketing Summit in 10 pictures

This week I attended Data Evans Developer Marketing Summit. I was there for just half a day but still attended very interesting sessions and snapped some pictures that I want to share. I will share notes from the summit probably next week.

Janel Garvin opening keynote – showing the latest developer trends from Evans Data surveys

Developer population expected in 2024. Graphic source: Evans Data

Developers influence purchases decisions. Chart source: Evans Data

Webinars is one of the best ways to scale Developer Marketing / Developer Advocacy program. Chart source: Evans Data

Online events is a solid way to scale your developer advocacy program. Developers from anywhere in the world can join the event. Anyone who couldn’t join can watch the recording later, any time, from anywhere. I published an article on this topic: Using online meetups to scale your Developer Relations program

Alisa Maclin from IBM Developer shared the Code and Response initiative where developers build solutions to help with natural disaster preparedness

Daphne Zargar from General Motors shared how they built a developer program around in-vehicle apps

Daphne Zargar from General Motors shared how long it now takes for developers to go from nothing to POC for an in-vehicle app

Reaching Developers around the World panel with Summer Liu (Alibaba Cloud), Anika Nieh (TomTom), Ryan Pollock (DigitalOcean) and Jaemi Bremner (Adobe)

Cliff Simpkins from Microsoft shared “How Developers Break Traditional Marketing Theory (and why you should too!)”

Cliff Simpkins is showing Kathy Sierra’s “Kick Ass Curve”. The curve shows where we should strive to take developers

Steve Pousty did a wonderful talk on Kathy Sierra’s ‘Kick Ass Curve’ at DevRelCon in San Francisco. It’s a great talk, watch it here.

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