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Quick Notes on No-Code and Pricing

Parabola is one of my favorite no-code tools. I wrote numerous no-code articles and tutorials about Parabola. I also used Parabola in videos I recorded.

Back in March or April Parabola updated its pricing. This is how the new (current) pricing looks:

Parabola pricing
Parabola pricing table

I don’t have a screenshot of the old pricing. I do remember that with old pricing you could start with as little as $5-$10 per month. They still had a free plan but the first paid one was around $10 or so.

This is interesting because the increase is significant (to $80). My opinion – this makes sense. As no-code companies mature they need to make money and move up market. When you charge $5 or $10 a month – it’s not sustainable in the long run, it’s hard to make money unless you have millions of customers. I believe we will see more price increases in the no-code space.

What do you think?

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