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SF DevRel meetup at MuleSoft – what I learned and notes

On July 29, 2019 I attended the SF DevRel meetup at MuleSoft. The meetup was held at the Salesforce Tower. Jordan Schuetz and Sabrina Marechal from MuleSoft gave an overview of MuleSoft’s Developer Relations program. The following are my notes and what I learned. Based on what I learned, MuleSoft has an excellent Developer Advocacy team and program 👏.

Sabrina presenting
Sabrina is sharing how she built and mananges MuleSoft community

Nicolas presenting
Nicolas is starting the meetup

Jordan presenting
Jordan is sharing contet strategy and metrics

Note: I highlighted (bold) their best approaches, in my opinion.

  • Speakers
  • Devrel at MuleSoft consists of developer education programs
    • MuleSoft certification exam
    • MuleSoft training classes
    • API docs
    • Tutorials, how-to’s
    • Community content
  • Community content
    • Creating passionate community —> that’s the (main) challenge
    • Developers continue to use MuleSoft (after trying the software)
    • That’s what makes MuleSoft different from other companies!
    • Creating community content online such as YouTube video tutorials
    • Seeing the community self-driving education, tutorials, videos!
  • MuleSoft Connect
    • Official MuleSoft conference
    • 2000+ attendees
    • 6 cities
    • 2 tracks
  • Educating developers through interactive demos
    • Easy to read and digest
    • Make tutorial simple and to the point
  • Success metrics
    • Page visits
    • Interactive demo usage
    • Downloads on project file
    • YouTube video views —> for every tutorial
  • Meetup
    • We will review
    • Our program numbers
    • How we got there
    • How we define success
  • Numbers
    • 127 groups, 34 countries
    • 218 volunteers
    • 15-20 events per month
    • 1000-1500 attendees per month
    • 1 full time employee
    • The equivalencies of a user conference every month —> a fraction of cost, fraction of effort!
  • How we got there
    • Know where you want to go
    • Know what you will need to report on
    • Take the time to build resources and processes
    • Thank through the whole journey
    • Look for the right tools to grow
    • Start small
  • MuleSoft journey
    • 2016: ad-hoc start on
    • 2017: relaunched on Bevy
    • 2019: focus on vibrancy and growth of existing groups
  • What’s quality for “us”
    • Vibrancy – 2 events per yea, min.
    • NPS
    • Leadership — % customer-led
    • Customer engagement – build lasting relationship
    • Impact on $ – pipeline generated / matured per event

After the meetup

It was great to see everyone and a great meetup. I’m looking forward to the next event.

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