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Why Developer Advocates Should Try New Things

Max Katz
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Developer Advocates at many organization can usually work on different things. One day they can build a demo application, help with support, improve the documentation, work on an SDK, work on a blog post or a tutorial, and host an event. I love this about Developer Advocacy – you usually have flexibility and freedom to work on and help with different things.

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I always encourage my team to take this even further and try new things. For example, do you want to host an event with a new partner, just go for it. Do you want to host an event but change the time to late in the evening (or early in the morning) to get folks from other parts of the world to attend, go for it. Do you want to publish an article on a new web site, or write about a new interesting use case, why not? In other words, don’t be afraid to try and experiment to see what works (and what doesn’t). If what you tried didn’t work, that’s absolutely fine. Learn from it. The key is not be afraid to try new things.

What happens when what you tried didn’t work? Not much. Yes, you spent time working on it. As long as you can learn from it (what worked or what didn’t work), there is still value in it. If you are in a different profession such as a doctor or a NASA engineer – trying new things and failing is usually not an option. It can be very expnsive and potentially deadly.

That’s again why I love Developer Advocacy – we can try new things, fail, learn and move on.

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