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My name is Usman. I was born on 21st February 2005. I run a YouTube channel called Max Programming.



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Aura Theme v2.0.0 is out now! πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰

This theme looks so damn good 🀩!

😎 How to convert a normal React form to use react-hook-form?

Yes, I totally agree with that. These things should be added

Hacktoberfest 2021 is Here πŸŽƒ

I invite everyone to contribute to a project I made to easily...

😱 Make a Random Meme API With Node.js and Puppeteer

Thank you πŸ™‚

Hands on Web Share API

This was super useful!

How to create a Custom Drag & Drop Hook in React!πŸ”₯

This is great πŸ”₯πŸ”₯! One of the best examples for custom hooks i...

Create React App without create-react-app !

Great! I would also recommend checking out Vite for React app...

Vite is too fast!

Vite is my favourite with React and TypeScript!

I Recreated my VSCode Theme πŸ”₯

Your theme is now my all time favourite VS Code theme

I Recreated my VSCode Theme πŸ”₯

I really liked the theme! Will definitely use this! Exactly w...

Everything Wrong With JavaScript `eval()`

I think it's because you are using const in the string. In t...

From Developer to Dev Content Creator - My 2020 Story

2020 was a good year for some people and bad for all. But we ...

I made a simple CLI that generates a vanilla HTML project. What do you think?

I am just thinking to use it of. Is there something to genera...

✨ How to make your React app a PWA with Create React App 4

Maybe yes. It can maybe cache the images too. At once

✨ How to make your React app a PWA with Create React App 4

Not sure because I am still learning about PWA and service wo...

YouTube Loading animation using HTML and CSS

Wow! This was cool! Just a suggestion, when you create a cod...

πŸŒ“ How to change the favicon according to system dark mode!

Thanks forr the suggestion James! I too think using the event...

BEST Framework for React JS (Gatsby vs Next.js)

Great writeup! I know React but I always get confused about s...

πŸŒ“ How to change the favicon according to system dark mode!

Glad it helped :))

⚑ 11 Browser Keyboard Shortcuts that will stick to your fingers

Thanks :))

Advent of code

Yeah the site also looks so interesting!

What is Gatsby.js ??

Yeah I also wanna learn graphql as it's a latest tech. Once I...

What is Gatsby.js ??

I will learn Gatsby soon but the thing I don't understand is ...

Generate release mode APK for React-Native project to publish on PlayStore

I am using Expo to build my app so is there an easy way to do...

How to Add SVG Images in React

Thank you so much Mohammed for this article! Helped me a lot!...

πŸ’„ How to use Microsoft Fluent UI Icons on your website?

TBH, It's one of my favourite icon set. And I have heard from...

Slack or Discord?

I haven't used Slack but I like discord a lot

πŸ’‘ Easy Copy to Clipboard Button in Vanilla JavaScript

Thanks for the suggestion Amin. I haven't used the Clipboard ...

✨ How to create Custom Emmet Snippets in VS Code!

Glad it helped you! 😊

Simple Chrome Extensions That Make My Work a Bit Easier

This list is awesome! Thanks a lot Vitor.

How to Create a Progressive Web Application With React

Really nice blog post! But recently with React 17, serviceWor...

Your favorite free hosting site? 🌐

I personally like to use Netlify!