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How to fix the white screen problem in Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders, which is widely used for building websites. It is the first choice of today users. While using it, you may encounter by the white screen of the death suddenly. It makes inaccessible to both the visitors and administrators. Here, we are going to discuss some common errors that arise with WordPress white screen of the death, most possible causes and fast troubleshooting solutions. To fix white screen errors in Word Press, you can call WordPress support team immediately.

Why does a white screen issue in WordPress happen?

A WordPress white screen of death is mainly caused by PHP errors or memory limit exhaustion. First of all, you need to decide while or not the admin on your website is working. If the front-end of your website is dropped down and admin is working, higher chances for you that have a faulty theme or plugin. A white screen of the death might show different results on the base of browsers like Google chrome. This really provides a warning message saying, “This page is not working and is not able to handle the application.

Easy Ways to fix white screen issues in WordPress

1- Clear your cache

Clearing your cache is the easy way to fix the white screen of death in the WordPress. When you can access the admin panel easily, unluckily the front and end phase of the site is showing a blank screen issue, you can clear out the cache by the certain tools. This issue is mainly caused by a caching plugin and can be resolved quickly from the admin panel.

2- Checking other website problems

When you have one more instance of WordPress running on a server, check carefully if other websites are having similar problems. It can assist you to remove several possibilities. For example, an issue on one WordPress website and not the others can cause-

Faulty plugins
Bad themes
Custom coding problems
Compromised files from hacks or malware
If the white screen is shown on all of your websites, there may be many problems with the server. In this case, you need to contact the web hosting provider or network administrator.

Disable Plugins

The wrong Plugins can create all types of problems on a site. Whether several developers attempt to create everything compatible, often these add-ons split each other. As a consequence, a website can stop working. There are many ways that you can deactivate plugins-

Admin Panel- You need to log into the admin panel and go to “plugins” button and deactivate them all.

Delete through FTP

If you are not able to log into the admin panel, you can remove plugins with the help of FTP. It may be a very easy way to come out from this issue. Still, if you’ve any issue, you can call the WordPress support team instantly.

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