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Make your Blog into a App

Hey there, I hope you all are doing great. Recently i have been working on a Expo/Django Project which turns your blog into a app.


Yes, you can make an app given that your website has RSS support and you are ready to do some set-up process.
(you can turn your[username] into an app).

How does it work?

  • Basically, it's an app that takes your website's RSS feed and displays it in a nice app UI.
  • For my fellow dev's out there, I have used Firebase, Django, expo and few more technology. You can check out the code in the github repo.

Tell me more...

  • Ever wanted to reach out to your readers and notify about some updates. if yes, then this app has got you covered, it has Push Notification support.
  • Want to know how many users log-in and out of your app. we have got you covered, Custom Analytics(basic).

Note: You can add your own Analytics service provider, if
you know how to.

  • App has Guest login, save for later, and much more.


  • Currently there is no ad's in the app, So there is no revenue generated from this app.
  • if you are an expo dev then you can add your own ad service.(if you want to)

is it Free?

  • Yep, its an open-source project.
  • At first everything that i have used is free but if u want to scale it up or your readers go crazy with the app. then you might have to pay (not to me but to Heroku or Firebase).

Where can i find it?

  • You can learn more about the app and its features here.

Thank you

Thanks for reading. hope you like it. Peace Out

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