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Godot You Want To Make A Videogame

mblayman profile image Matt Layman Originally published at mattlayman.com ・1 min read

What is Godot? It's an open source game engine for making high quality 2D or 3D videogames! At this Frederick Linux User Group (KeyLUG) presentation, I explained how Godot works, compared it with other popular engines, and showed off some of its features.

The recording from the talk is available on YouTube. Check it out!

In this presentation, we looked into:

Questions? Feel free to mention me on Twitter at @mblayman so I can try to respond to your question.


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Brian Barbour

I started to learn Godot today. So far it seems pretty fun. Lots to learn, but that is exciting. Kinda liking the Python syntax. It's familiar enough coming from Javascript (other than the lack of curly brackets--but I kinda like the whitespace/indentation method)

I had a heck of an issue with getting it to run on my Macbook, kept having it crash due to a shadow frame buffer error. I had to get a beta version of the next update to play around in, since that specific issue was resolved in a pull request I found.

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Matt Layman Author

Good luck! I've had a good time using it and hope you do too.

That's interesting that it wasn't working on your Macbook. I had no trouble with mine at all. I guess it goes to show that hardware compatibility is a really hard problem.

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Brian Barbour

Right. Mine is a Macbook 2015, so I don't know what models are affected. Glad they fixed it, but I'm on an "unstable" version just to learn and use the engine.