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Bypass Airtable API limit and make unlimited requests

Airtable API is limited to 5 API requests per second for each base table. So, we solved this problem for you with NoCodeAPI. You don't have to set up a server for making proxy & caching logic.

What is NoCodeAPI

NoCodeAPI is a tool to connect with third party application API and give simple secure endpoint to use with your tools & projects.

You can connect with Google Sheet API, Airtable, Instagram, GitHub, YouTube, WordPress, Webflow, Spotify, Twitter, & more. You can view them all in The Marketplace

Get Started

First of all, you have to signup on NoCodeAPI if you are a new user. If you are an existing user of NoCodeAPI then setup Airtable API with NoCodeAPI.

To setup Airtable API we need 2 values:

Now login to NoCodeAPI, go-to the marketplace, & activate the Airtable application. Click on the button Make Airtable API & put the required values into the form.

Airtable Form

When you fill all the values click on the button Create. That's all, your Airtable endpoint ready to use.

Airtable API Card

In-built playground to test these endpoints & minimal documentation.


  • Your API Key is secured
  • Bypass limit - We are using caching technology for this.
  • Time-Saving
  • API response is Fast.
  • You can track all your logs
  • No Server Headache
  • Mini Documentation

Customize Caching

By default, every GET request has 60 seconds of caching means the first API call will come from a third party application API and other API calls under the next 60 seconds from the caching server.

You can customize the caching time if you are a paid user. Just pass cacheTime(in seconds) as query param with endpoint like this.
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Now your endpoint will be cached for 900 seconds(15 minutes).

That's all guys. You can follow us on twitter for updates Follow on Twitter


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Fajar Siddiq

thank you for sharing this post, is very useful! great work