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Md Sagor Sarkar
Md Sagor Sarkar

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700 problems to understand you complete algorithmic programming.

1.Segment Tree:

To Read : (Heavy Light implementation). (Heavy Light implementation).


SRM 310 -> Floating Median

  1. BIT (also called Fenwick Tree). Mostly problems of BIT can also be solved by Segment Tree. But it is shorted and faster to code. Hence it is sometimes very easy.

To Read:

And try some earlier problems which are solvable by this data structure to practice more.
Try mobile problem of IOI. 2D BIT.

  1. Dynamic Programming (DP):

To Read:


SGU Problems : 269, 273, 304, 317, 356, 396, 445, 447, 458, 489, 494 (dp + trie) Very Hard.
Game (IOI 2008, Practice session)

Graph Theory:

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