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Quarantine Assistant - part 1 - my project for HackCrisis

About two days ago in Poland have started HackCrisis, the hackathon for fighting with coronavirus and how it affects the economy.

Me and my bro, we decided to make a mobile application for helping local authorities to control people in quarantine. Since we are on the start, we have been expecting tons of thousands of sick people which may be extremely hard to control by police and army.

Main features of our application:

  • send information about device localization,
  • inform about a current medical condition,
  • inform about people needs (food and medicines),
  • securely store and transport data,
  • display processed information on the dashboard for authorities,

We develop the application to React Native and Nodejs with Express. Servers are hosted in DigitalOcean in Frankfurt. Soon I am going to show more about the application 😉

Stay safe and healthy! Wash your hands and avoid other people.

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