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We're migrating Unmock to Meeshkan

Like most open-source projects, we had lofty goals when we started building Unmock in November 2018.

⭐️ Thousands of stars
🌎 Hundreds of contributors from around the globe
πŸ”– New issues filed every day
πŸ’» Fuzz testing for everyone!

But (again, like most open-source projects) it didn't happen. That's ok, but it does mean that we need to rethink how we position Unmock to the community.

That's why we've decided to merge Unmock into the Meeshkan brand. Unmock didn't take off in the cross-company, community-based way we imagined, so it doesn't make sense to keep it under a separate project.

We're going to devote some time to figure out why that didn't work, as well. We want to engage with the community better as an organization and not repeat the same mistakes in future open-source endeavors. This includes getting earlier feedback to learn which of our ideas would be best to open source and what direction development should take once it is.

This whole process will also give us the opportunity to archive unused resources, clean up abandoned experiments and better integrate Unmock with our other open-source projects (hint hint).

Throughout the next couple of weeks, we'll be migrating:

...and anything else I'm forgetting at the moment πŸ˜…

So please be patient with us as we move things around. Also if you have any feedback related to Unmock or you'd be interested in giving feedback to some of our other early-stage projects, comment below or reach out to us:

Let's see what happens next πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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