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Best of React and React Native in February

meetupfeedio profile image MeetupFeed ・2 min read

We're back with 5 great React videos from February. You can either check our article or choose what to watch below.

Production in 60 days | Cryptography | Web accessibility

Check out the following video to learn about production with React in 60 days, some exciting insights about cryptography and finally: web accessibility.


React is hard but not why you may think | Sara Vieira

React is hard. There are a lot of resources for getting started, but things can get complex and confusing when writing full blown application. Navigating its ecosystem is a lot to take in and sometimes extremely overwhelming. With this talk, I hope to help you understanding some of its gotchas more clearly, while giving you some confidence when building bigger React applications.


Should you learn React Native in 2021?

Today, I will talk about if you should learn Javascript in 2021, the pros and cons of learning Javascript, among other things. Additionally, I will talk about some of the current trends and comparisons of React Native among its competitors in the software development industry.

React Native is known to be the “one framework that rules them all” in the tech industry. It is adopted by hundreds of businesses worldwide like Uber, Microsoft, and Facebook, and React Native is used across a whole range of industries. However, if you are thinking of learning React Native, it’s crucial that you understand how it works.


What is React Native Paper?

What is React Native Paper and what makes this UI library so unique. In this short video from The React Native Show podcast, Dawid Urbaniak, the lead engineer in the React Native Paper team explains some basic queries about this UI library. If you haven’t heard about this library before, it’s definitely worth watching!


How to create a ReactJS video chat app with WebRTC &

In this video, we go over how to build a video chat application in ReactJs using webRTC and This past year working from home has become a necessity for many people. Video chat apps like Zoom and Skype are getting more use than ever. I decided to build upon some other Video chat tutorials I’ve seen and add my own twist to things.


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