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Serverless: The Best Meetups In November, 2021

Serverless enthusiasts were lucky this month, November had lots of interesting meetup videos regarding the serverless framework. Check out the most watched videos below.

Advanced Serverless Messaging Patterns for your Applications | Julian Wood
Dive deep into how the right messaging patterns between your services can help with durability, availability, and reducing custom code. Get familiar with fan-out, queuing, decoupling and many many more! Julian strives to help developers learn how they can use serverless technologies in order to transform the way they build and run applications.

Integration Testing Serverless Architectures, EventBridge and Beyond | Sarah Hamilton
Wondering how you can create highly scalable, loosely coupled systems? Check out Event-driven architectures using Amazon’s EventBridge. Explore different options of testing with Sarah Hamilton.

Local Development for Serverless is an Anti-pattern | Gareth McCumskey
It is unnecessary in the serverless world to try and build an environment that is a replica of the cloud. In fact, it can be rather harmful. Why? Find out from this video with Gareth McCumskey.

Server less, Code more | Aydrian Howard
Find out what you need in order to only be able to focus on the code and nothing else. Explore CockroachDB Serverless, that gives programmers an immediate access to an auto-scaling SQL database that they can spin up in seconds. No more worrying about hardware details or capacity planning and pay only for what you use.

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