Gumroad's #14DayProduct challenge Day 2: Pick Your Topic and Outline Your Product.

mehmood168 profile image Mehmood ・1 min read

After working on the spreadsheet, I finally narrowed down to 2 potential products:

  1. A video course for developers on "How to debug your code" in various languages.
    I'll demonstrate it in a couple of languages (Java, JavaScript, etc.) and also add a module on how to improve search on Google / StackOverflow in case of error.

  2. A video course in which I can demonstrate my process of outsourcing projects that I don't have the expertise or simply not enough time to do but also don't want to lose my client.

I have vast experience in both of the above topics and I feel confident that the audience will gain value from these topics. I am equally excited about both of these topics so unable to pick one.

Need your feedback/help in deciding.



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