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[Entry] Photo Fight Application

What I built

This is a simple live photo polling application which updates the chart in real time and also the count of votes in homepage. This application has admin panel which allows admin to start and stop the competition.

Admin Login :
email :
password : 123456789


I'm using 3 channels in my application :

Home Channel for updating the homepage vote counts.

Admin Channel for updating the poll chart of the admin page.

User Channel for informing the owner of a photo when the competition starts or ends.

Demo Link

Link to Code

How I built it

I used :

Express JS for creating the backend of this application.
mLab for for hosting Mongo Database.
Cloudinary for hosting image files.
Pusher API for notifications and live updates.
Heroku for app deployment.

Additional Resources/Info

I learned Pusher, Woaah.

Special thanks to team for this contest, Zan Markan for clearing my doubts and Traversy Media for short and simple pusher tutorial intro series.

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