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Welcome to my Blog!

meigs2 profile image Connor ・1 min read

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Hi everyone, welcome to my Blog!

I'm Connor Radeloff, a graduating senior at CU Boulder in Colorado majoring in Computer Science. I love C#, but have recently been using Python quite a bit for smaller side projects.

I'm starting this blog for a few reasons. As of recent I think I've been in a bit of a rut regarding coding, and I really need to pick up the pace again. I'm looking for jobs right now, and I need some more projects on my resume! You can't have enough projects.

I also think sometimes I find issues in my projects that I have to find answers to on my own (stack overflow fails me) so I can share my findings here.

I also would like to share my progress, findings, and just general things I've been interested in on here, which might inspire others or give me feedback.

In here I can post things like

Code Snippets
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and links to other things I find useful, and things others might find useful as well, like links to helpful videos.

I'll have more posts coming soon. Thanks!

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