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Starting slow, simple header and footer

Starting slow

Mostly being working on having a way to code while on any pc, I found gitpod to test in case I need to use a chromebook or another laptop without much development power.

Gitpod has so far shown to be a good replacement for a local dev environment, After seeing Darin Pope use it on a coding session, I liked the idea and wanted to test it.

So far so good, will need to keep testing to see what else I can do with it.


By using a code already written on flowbite, I was able to hack a simple header quickly, I have a UI component in angular called header, that itself uses 3 other components, more granular ones, a title component, a navbar and a button. I like this way to make it work, even if it means that I need to redo some of the boilerplate code to allow for the components themselves to be less specific and to allow parents (either header, footer, other components or the other pages) to use them, by allowing the parents to specify the css class and the internal information, or to have an A LA CART kind of ability of the components to let the parents choose actions.


Just like the header, mostly boilerplate so far as shown on flowbite, that will get more singular components to be displayed on each page.

Next is to start a boilerplate page setup and the first Jenkins pipeline with deployment on cloud run

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