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Gustavo Cabezal

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Finding new ways to stay on task

The Issue

Here is a deal I get distracted when starting a project of my own, mostly due to wanted to test or use different frameworks from the start, so I started to work on small commits, first to keep develop the routine, and also to keep focused on the same things and tooling.

The work

Now that the basics have being stablished, pages, components, UI elements, basic setup of jest, cypress, storybook and so on, I will start with the home page.

First part

Working on the home page will be simple, I already have an idea of how I wanted the page to feel and thus I will start with simple setup of the components, the header, footer and the elements inside, then after that I will do some simple unit testing and e2e, and then create the jenkins pipeline to create the container with buildpacks and setting on cloud run as a container.

So come with me on this odyssey of learning and many rage inducing moments. It will be fun

portfolio repo

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