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I had my first week with my new project team. Basically my current job is leading a group of web dev students through building a product or adding on to a product from a former team. I'm with each team for two months as the team lead and it was so hard to say goodbye to my last team as they moved on to study computer science...

I met my new team and started working with them this week and they are all so awesome and I'm so excited to see what we come up with over the next two months!


I think that's very interesting! Students learn to program before learning computer science! 10 years ago, I had to study PCs architecture, operating systems, and so on before learning how to code in C++ or Java.

Good luck with your new team!


We start with learning HTML/CSS/JS and then jump into learning React. Once we do a section on Node/Express and backend fundamentals we get into the section I'm leading now which is about product development.

I agree it's interesting but it does help you get some relevant job skills more quickly which is nice 😊 I think it also helps lower the barrier of entry a lot.

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