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New .NET MAUI Release

In my last post, I wrote about the .NET MAUI CommunityToolkit and more specifically, the MediaElement Library (which is currently a preview version).

I also noted, that the Windows target depends on WindowsAppSDK version 1.2.x where as most Visual Studio SKUs still preinstall version 1.15.x. Since this results in a conflict, the only simple solution was to disable the Windows target if you wanted to try out CommunityToolkit.Maui.MediaElement.

However, today, Microsoft released an update on .NET MAUI for both .NET6 and .NET7 with the latter focussing on updates on all levels including the WindowsAppSDK to version 1.2.221109.1.

So go ahead and update your Visual Studio to version 17.4.3 to get the latest bits!

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