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Tabbordion v2 first beta finally out

So here is just something I want to get out of my head right now.

The past over a week or so I've been working on my old React component, Tabbordion. I happened to notice that it's usage had gone up suddenly during the summer. I hadn't been happy with it's state and the lack of time I had given it over the years. So now I had to go for a complete rewrite, including upgrading all the tooling.

So I've done almost everything from scratch!

  1. Bundling: custom Babel/Webpack awfulness replaced with Microbundle
  2. Tests: way too many libs replaced with just Riteway (for now)
  3. Test execution performance: run using Sucrase instead of Babel
  4. CI: use GitHub Actions in addition to Travis CI
  5. Lint/codestyle: forget Eslint and use Prettier instead
  6. Demo: include simple Deno server to run a demo on localhost

All that work in addition to all the code changes where I've thrown away React legacy context API usage and simplified the internal state management. Oh and throwing out legacy browser tricks in favor of solutions such as ResizeObserver. All this while maintaining high compatibility with the v1 API.

The new version is now available npm install react-tabbordion@2.0.0-beta.0 and the code and unfinished docs and tests are available on GitHub v2 branch.

Tomorrow I probably need to fix the README to acknowledge v1 better and release next version because I don't want npm to be displaying the v2 README.

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