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Creating a Notepad using Java and JavaFX

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Hello friends so I decided to learn a bit of JavaFX this year, it wasn't for any other reason than pure curiosity so without further ado I'll tell you what I did. It's far from perfect but if you'd like I could do a small tutorial for you guys so just let me know below!

Okay so for starters I wasn't new to Java I just had to re-acquaint myself with some syntax but aside from that this was all new to me. I tried watching some YouTube videos but none of them really caught my eye in the sense of learning because they were either outdated or was a speed code, so I went to the next best thing.. Books! I don't have the names on hand but they helped me a little so much so that I decided that I wanted to make a small app to test.


This project was fairly simply considering all I wanted to do was make a dark themed version on Windows' Notepad, and for the most part I accomplished that except for the bugs and other things that proved to be difficult. I originally had my own design that I wanted to do but I bit off more than I could chew 😅 here is the design if you wanted to see, feel free to use it just give credits and tag me if you do!

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That's all for now, if there's anything you'd like to ask contact me in the comments or via Twitter let me know you're coming from here :)

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